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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Coders can now add comments to files via their phones

GitHub developer Jake Boxer announced a new feature that will allow coders to add comments to files via their smartphones.

Smartphone users can now simply tap on the line of code that they want to comment on. That will let them start or add to a discussion in a pull request or a commit (pull requests and commits show changes to a single coding project). Before the update, people on phones could look at code, but had to switch to the desktop version of the site in order to add comments.

GitHub officially launched a mobile-optimized website in July 2013. The GitHub team reasoned in a blog post that they often clicked through to GitHub repositories through Facebook, Twitter, or email apps, so it made more sense to mobile-optimize the existing website rather than build a native app.

Boxer added that the current mobile site bucked JavaScript-heavy mobile design trends, relying for the most part on only HTML and CSS to create a snappier and more stable browsing experience for users.

No official iOS app exists, third-party developers have been filling the void by creating GitHub clients on their own. A host of free and paid third-party GitHub clients have cropped up for iOS, including CodeHub, NapCat, and SuitHub.

Image by Dave Fayram.