Check out upcoming DVLUP Day events

Check out upcoming DVLUP Day events

Join Nokia Developer Ambassadors as they provide hands-on Windows Phone development training.  This is a great opportunity for all aspiring Windows Phone developers looking to start developing apps.  You’ll learn faster when there are experienced developers helping you out in person.

Nokia are holding 4 DVLUP Day events this year in various locations:

With full sample source code and step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to make an app or game from scratch, or learn new techniques to enhance your current apps & games.  No matter what you want to build – an app or a game – or what your programming skill level is, there are four individual tracks to choose from, which means there is something for everyone.

DVLUP Day is a unique community event that combines presentations by Windows Phone experts along with a hands-on workshop to help attendees get started on their apps.  With the added incentive of publishing an app within 3 weeks after the event, you get a free Windows Phone 8 device!  A DVLUP Day is also coming to Toronto, watch this space.

If you’d like more information on attending any of these events click here.

Image by vernieman