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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Developer Programs

Build it and...they probably won’t come, at least not without developer focused marketing.Last week at the Devtech Strategy summit I sat on a lively panel with specialists whose business it is to build and manage developer programs. The main topic was how to market and sell to developers. The conversation naturally went down the fairly well trodden path - ‘don’t try to sell to developers’; ‘developers hate marketing’; and all those other cliches.

In the previous post in this series, we looked at the history of smart home development, and discussed how new connected hubs could pave the way for mass-market adoption. IoT convergence is simplifying the smart home user experience, creating new opportunities for developers, hardware manufacturers and platform owners. In this post, we explore how companies like Google and Amazon leverage developer and partner programs to ensure long term success.

In 2017 almost  every company with a developer facing product has a Developer Program. These dedicated programs consist of tactics designed to help developers use your software platform, tools, API and services. Some companies run their programs with a one person sub-team, others are multi-million dollar dedicated units with hundreds of people. No matter, the challenges they face are similar. Common hurdles include creating awareness in the developer community, getting the developer to take action once they’re aware, creating power users, securing enough internal funding for the program, and keeping developers engaged and active will all be high on the list of objectives for any developer program manager in 2017.So, what are the trends in developer program management which will help solve those challenges? Here are our thoughts: