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The home or car of the future have long been staples in the imagination of people everywhere. Visions of a simpler, healthier, more automated and efficient lifestyle have been portrayed in print, animated cartoons and even full length documentaries for decades. At the time they are made the predictions are bold and far reaching yet within just a few short years the stuff of imagination begins to become reality. The process always begins with incremental steps and then matures over time as the technology necessary becomes available. In the 1950’s Monsanto partnered with Disney to build a house of the future. At the time plastics were a new and innovative material with seemingly endless possibilities. One of the features of their home of the future was plastic coated electrical wiring. Today we couldn’t imagine electrical wiring any other way.

Seeing all of these innovative ideas come to life is really exciting and perhaps one of the biggest draws for tens of thousands of people to attend the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Catchy was present at last week’s event in Las Vegas and there was no shortage of innovation. From the keynotes to the expo floor new products and services were on display. In previous years there would be one dominant new thing that everyone seemed to be promoting as new and great. A few years ago it was 3D TVs, then the next year everyone had their own premium headphone offering. This year however there was a common theme that connected most of the individual pieces. That theme is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is defined by Wikipedia as “the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing internet infrastructure”. CES this year was flooded with devices that connect and communicate to truly begin enabling the kind of automation and simplicity envisioned in all of those documentaries and publications looking to the future. Smart watches, jewelry, clothes washers and dryers, kitchen appliances, furniture, televisions, speakers, cars, windows, doors, and yes, entire home solutions for monitoring and managing all of it. Some of the technology you can wear attached to a shoe lace while others needed a much larger space, like a garage, and the applications ranged from your safety to your entertainment and even your exercise.

All of this diverse innovation of connected things has given rise to thousands of new companies and hobbyists dedicated to building these things. As a result certain industries like 3D printing are seeing huge growth due to the convenience of rapid prototyping from your desktop at home or work. The AT&T Dev Summit Hackathon we wrote about last week demonstrated the interest and innovation from individuals who attended and competed for fantastic cash prizes. Companies like Harman who make some of the world’s best audio solutions have begun their own connected development programs.

The momentum towards this new developer and maker space is undeniable. In the end, the size of the device or its application isn’t what it’s all about. What it all comes down to, is whether it makes one’s quality of life better and whether you as a developer or business are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities ahead. One of the ways to make sure you’re connected to those opportunities as a developer is to register with the Catchy Developer Bank. As a company, contact us to see how we can help your business be even more successful.

 An electric high performance sports car sponsored by Nvidia.


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