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Content marketing is a key component in the marketing machine for most businesses today. In fact, according to one survey a majority of marketers (55%) say that blog creation is their number #1 inbound marketing priority.

Why the emphasis on content marketing? Simply put: it is highly effective. A relatively low investment in content generation can yield increased brand awareness, boost customer engagement, and solidify a company’s reputation. Ultimately, of course, high quality content will influence consumers to build with the brand’s tools.

Even if your company is a vendor of highly technical product offerings (such as an API, devices, niche software, etc.), content marketing should be an integral part of your overall strategy. A technical audience requires engagement and nurturing as they progress along the journey towards adoption and advocacy, just the same as any other demographic.

We refer to such content especially designed for the technical crowd as Technical Marketing Content (or TMC).

What is TMC?

Let’s first briefly define what TMC is not:

● TMC is not purely high-level marketing, such as social media posts, or short-form blog articles
● It also is not technical writing, such as how-to guides, developer documentation, and tutorials
● However, it lives somewhere in between these two content categories

So what key messages would TMC include? There are two primary ones:

● Inspiration. TMC is largely “top of the funnel” content. Instead of providing a comprehensive overview of your technical product’s features, TMC should share knowledge that motivates your readers to learn more, to sign up, or to take some other action. For example, a piece of TMC focused on your SaaS product should inspire the technical audience to research the benefits of using such software.
● Education. TMC should not come across as “salesy.” Rather, it should educate your technical audience on the pros and cons of different solutions on the market, and skillfully weave your product into the narrative as a desirable option, with evidence to back up that claim. TMC should include straightforward, pragmatic language instead of marketing fluff.

Why TMC is Valuable

Well-written and designed TMC serves as an extremely effective introduction to your product. It engages technical readers by demonstrating awareness of and empathy for their pain points, and offers a solution to meet their specific challenges. It provides enough information to intrigue the audience into further investigation of your product or service.

Like other kinds of “top of funnel” marketing content, TMC serves as a valuable gateway into the next phase of the decision journey.

Is it more difficult to create TMC Than Regular Content?

The short answer: It doesn’t have to be. As with any marketing strategy, you need to have clearly defined goals in place, and corresponding tactics to reach those objectives. A well-crafted TMC generation plan may include the following points:

● The creation of an accurate customer persona to narrow the proposed content’s focus
● A consolidated content calendar for regularity and consistency
● Agreement on tone and cadence to match your ideal customer persona as well as your optimal marketing schedule
● The generation of specific ideas around which to build single pieces, or series of articles
● The actual writing, either in-house or by an outsourced agency
● Evangelizing; that is, spreading the word about your content, (the problems your product will fix, the benefits it offers, etc.)

Granted, TMC does require the investment of time, money and energy. However, the rewards of executing a smart, optimized technical content marketing strategy will far outweigh any costs involved. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of TMC, how to successfully implement it, or any other questions, reach out us at Catchy!

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