Can anyone build an app?

One of app developers’ biggest bug bears is which platform they should be creating for. The sheer time and cost of building an app for Apple only to have to rework it for Android is one of the reasons behind the disparity between app selections across the stores. TheAppbuilder, developed by Jampot (based in Belfast) has the potential to level the app playground.

This innovative product allows you to create a simple app without using a single line of code heralding a new era in app building.  By using the clever web interface, anyone can use the step by step process and have an app up and running on multiple devices (including Windows Phone) within minutes.

Once you’ve downloaded (for free) the basic app framework, you can populate it with some standard widgets like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and RSS feed. Then you can customise it with your own icons, headings, logo, content etc. For a mere $29 a month, your app is then submitted to App Store, Play Store and Marketplace.

With this kind of ease of use, no-one is suggesting that these apps will offer complex or bespoke functionality. However, it does present real opportunity for small businesses, community organisations and individuals to connect quicker and cheaper with its customer base. Post publishing, you can even fine-tune functions for immediate updates (at no extra cost). Couple this with Jampot’s proposed push capabilities (planned for June) and you can create real-time offers and promotions getting it out to your customers instantaneously.

In the same way that the web has evolved to give users more tools to create simple websites, App Builder is bringing apps to the masses. What quality these apps will be remains to be seen.


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