Calling all developers? Drop them an email instead…

Our latest #developervoice survey is all about communication tools. What tools do devs use? Which are preferred and why?

Our findings were interesting and useful when it comes to reaching the person behind the app. While email is the main tool used on a daily basis (being used by 2.6 billion users worldwide in 2015), it is not the favorite way to communicate. Turns out instant messaging (IM) is the most preferred because it’s immediate, delivery is confirmed, and there is time to ponder before responding. It’s also flexible and convenient as it works seamlessly across mobile or desktop devices.

Of the IM tools, Skype is the most popular (used by 70%) while Slack (45%) was more popular than Google hangouts, Hipchat, and other well-known IM channels. Since the release of Slack, its daily user count has increased 3.5X in just a year (2.7 million daily users in April ‘16). With $200 million in new funding and a $3.8 billion valuation to develop new products, Slack is one to watch.

Interestingly, although over two thirds use the phone for work not a single developer chose it as their favorite way to communicate.  Does that make it a necessary evil?

We all know tech problems arise when working in development. Our survey respondents told us that the best course of action is to turn to online forums, coworkers, and company websites. Only 14% would look to product evangelism – this tells us we need our evangelists to be active on forums.

At Catchy we recently started sending out a monthly newsletter, The Catch Up. So you can imagine that we were interested to find out more about newsletter consumption. 75% of our respondents told us they subscribe to newsletters and an impressive 37% read most if not all of the content. This ties in with the fact that email/newsletters is the way that developers prefer (58%) to hear from developer programs. Meetups/events (12%) and social media (11%) were the next most popular answers. So keep using email and if you want to get up close and personal, attend Meetups.

What communication channels do you prefer? If it’s email send us a note (hello@catchyagency.com), if it’s the phone give us a call (+1 206.681.9283), and whether it’s social media or not share your thoughts with us via Twitter using the hashtag #developervoice.

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