In this employee spotlight series, we will introduce you to the Catchy Team. You’ll hear their perspectives and gain insight on developer marketing best practices. Come find out the ways in which they bring joy and passion into their work, always stay curious, and embrace change! Learn how they apply Catchy’s core values and approaches to bring growth and excellence to our clients.

In today’s Meet The Team, hear from Gabrielle Bode, Designer at Catchy, about her creative development and autonomy within the developer marketing sphere. 

A graduate of Colorado Mesa University, Gabrielle has lived in Senegal and in Colorado for equal parts of her life. As part of her responsibilities at Catchy, Gabrielle communicates ideas and information through visuals and concepts, and helps Catchy and our clients’ brand identities come to life. Working with our management and clients, she helps formulate visual campaigns that meet developer marketing objectives.

Can you describe the scope of what you do at Catchy? 

At Catchy, I create a plethora of designs for various purposes. Some of the tasks I complete are creating banners, illustrations, photo editing, typesetting, and whatever other tasks I am assigned to best support the creative team. The other side of my job is client care, which entails collaborating with external creative client teams to create media that best supports their content. 

Check out, where Gabrielle showcases some of her cool works!

We asked Gabrielle a few questions to highlight a few of her experiences at Catchy. Here’s what she had to say.

Which Catchy value do you strongly resonate with and why? (collaborative, fluid, inclusive, accountable)

I think that the one I resonate with most is inclusivity. I do my best to make sure everyone of the team feels welcome and valued. I find that the workplace experience is so much more enjoyable when you have coworkers that you genuinely connect with and include wholeheartedly, no matter what their background is. This value resonates strongly with me for a major reason. When I first emigrated from Senegal, I often felt like it was hard to be included in social situations generally, and I want to help other people not feel alienated in any way.

How does Catchy allow you to express your creativity and individuality?

I have never worked at a job where I have had such creative freedom and the chances to use my primary skill in my creative toolbox (illustration) so liberally. I have been encouraged to step outside of the box and bring the unique skills I have to the table whenever possible. An example of this is when I created all of the chibi avatars for each person in the agency. I had done a few just for the fun of it and they were so well received that they became a staple part of the welcome package for each new employee Catchy accrues. Apart from that, the team at Catchy is very vocal about their support with all of my creative endeavors in my down time, some of which includes, sewing, cosplay, painting, and etc.

Are there any other values or characteristics of Catchy that you particularly enjoy?

One of the things I love most about Catchy is the culture, and specifically how much understanding and compassion comes in terms of the employees’ mental wellbeing. We are all encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and to take days off if we need them. At Catchy, I don’t ever feel like a nameless cog in a machine, grinding away when the work becomes overwhelming because of how thoughtful and genuine the management team is about making sure we as employees are doing well and are fully supported.

How did you find Catchy?

I found Catchy quite by accident and in a manic scramble to find work after having been let go due to layoffs at the previous agency I worked at. As much as I liked my previous job, I think that losing it was a blessing in disguise because I feel like I fit in at Catchy much better. One of the leaders at my previous place of work put me in contact with the hiring team at Catchy and the rest is history. The work I do at Catchy is similar to what I was doing in the past, but the cultural fit is much better, along with the benefit of having more creative space to spread my wings.