Improving Foursquare's API Marketing: How Catchy Increased Conversion Rates by 315%

Creating a successful paid media strategy for an audience of skeptical developers can be a challenge. Here’s how Catchy revamped Foursquare’s media approach towards marketing their developer API, helping bring in fresh eyeballs and new users. 


Foursquare is an industry-leading location technology platform with a mission to help change the world by providing data about people and places. Developers use their products, including APIs and SDKs, to provide meaningful location data and help them grow their business. 


Foursquare’s existing paid media approach had low conversion rates and a high cost per acquisition. Catchy conducted account and campaign audits, analyzing campaign setup, audience targeting, and creative to propose a more successful approach. 

With the help of a thorough audit, the Catchy team proposed a new paid media strategy which involved: 

  • Simplifying and reorganizing the ad account structure
  • Revised keyword targeting and updating ad copy on paid search to improve quality score
  • Changed our audience targeting on paid social to reach relevant audiences
  • Provided landing page recommendations to improve conversion rates


Using a new fully integrated program helped Foursquare better reach their target audience. After A/B testing creative and messaging across multiple audience types, Foursquare was able to maximize engagement with the right market segments.

Paid social conversion rates increased by 315%, and their cost per acquisition dropped 82% quarter over quarter, while maintaining a consistent budget. Paid search through Google Ads words also saw a conversion rate boost of +12% and a 10% decrease in cost per acquisition.