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The Formula for Winning at Developer Marketing = Data + Creative

Depending on which data source you choose, there are between 25 and 30 million full-time software developers in the world. This is before we include other potential users or buyers of your product such as designers, executives, researchers or data scientists. Therefore, we all now understand that simply addressing your target audience as ‘developers’ will […]

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Developer Marketing: Your Strategy Needs Creativity

Adam Brandenburger, professor at NYU Stern School of Business, has a fantastic take on strategy. One set on the many realities we encounter during execution. After reading his recent article on HBR, I wondered how developer marketers could benefit from applying these principles. Developer marketing is a transformative business function with increasing significance across many […]

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Developer Community Engagement: Students

Developer Community Engagement: Students

In this three-part series, we’re exploring developer community engagement tactics. These are supplementary activities to your main developer program and can be used alongside other developer marketing initiatives you have in place. Part one takes a look at student engagement. Exploring why this developer segment should be a priority and how you can get them […]

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Part 5 of our Developer Marketing Guide is now live!

Part 5: Developer Marketing and Engagement Programs We’re pleased to announce the fifth installment of our Developer Marketing Guide is now live. In this new chapter, it’s time to look at marketing and engagement programs. Forming an important part of your overall developer marketing strategy, this segment will help you understand how these programs fit amongst your […]

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