BlackBerry Z10 Dev Alpha C

BlackBerry Jam Europe; ‘a showcase for mobile application developers that focuses on the bold, new direction BlackBerry is heading with the BlackBerry10 platform‘, has kicked off in Amsterdam today and has already promised a number of exciting things (for developers).

The new BlackBerry Z10 Dev Alpha C being one of them. The recently revealed handset will allow developers to build apps with the use of a keyboard, in comparison to the BlackBerry Z10‘s touchscreen (which is now available to developers in a special edition flaming red). This was announced alongside the new Dev Alpha C program, which will see the top 1,500 people to summit two or more applications priority seeding for the Dev Alpha C devices.

BlackBerry WebWorks was also introduced during the event which will support apps for the Blackberry Q10 handset with the guidance of the new WebWorks SDK.  

Find out more about BlackBerry’s latest handset.

Image by edans.

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