BlackBerry World 4.3.1 update brings search and web store improvements

With only 8 days until the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 handset in the US, BlackBerry is making sure everything is in place. It expects to have 100,000 native apps in the BlackBerry World app store (currently has over 80,000) by the launch date (28 March, 2013).

Amongst other changes made to the BlackBerry World app store, BlackBerry has improved the discovery of its content catalogue to help users find the best, and most popular, apps available. The store will support keywords in search which will help to put more apps in the spotlight. In addition, ranking details (which include download numbers and user ratings) will be integrated into search results to help the cream rise to the top.

This is particularly important for app developers as it will make it easier for customers to discover their apps without having to look through the entire store.

Find out what other changes were made on the BlackBerry Developers blog.

Image by edans

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