BlackBerry Passport

Blackberry announced during their First quarter earnings report the launch of their newest phone, the BlackBerry Passport due out in September.


With an eye-catching 4.5″ HD screen offering users an enhanced viewing experience due to its wide-square dimensions, the BlackBerry passport will be sure to make it’s presence known throughout the mobile world.


The Inside BlackBerry blog reports academic findings into 66 characters being the optimal number of characters to read per line, with conventional rectangular screens displaying 40 characters. Due to the Passport’s large, clear screen it’s able to display an enhanced 60 characters per line and therefore gains a huge plus point from Catchy and fellow marketers alike!


Despite facing stiff competition from Apple, Samsung and HTC, BlackBerry’s ethos of mobile innovation should place them in a better position to gain further ground in the mobile phone industry and gain new customers in the market.


Initial pictures of the Passport indicate a sleek black finish with a small but stylish qwerty keyboard underneath it’s 4.5” screen, although indications of an all white model being released in the new year have been mentioned. As previously seen in the industry, the need for a white handset will appease the most fashion conscious consumer when making a decision on their next handset.


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