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Bid for Cook

Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, is auctioning an hour of his time at the company’s headquarters in California for Charity. An hour with Cook is already at a staggering $505,000 on the website CharityBuzz, where all proceeds will run until May 14th and are going to the Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

Cook’s auction has beaten the current record on Charitybuzz, where someone paid $255,000 to shadow former president Bill Clinton for a day. With Cook’s time seen as an ideal opportunity and potentially valuable for many – bids on the auction have risen rapidly. Though bidders don’t have to give their real names, they appear to include executives from rival companies like BlackBerry, as well as Clearcrate, which makes cases for the iPad mini tablet, which was briefly the leader with a $160,000 bid.

If you met Tim Cook over a brew what would you want to discuss with him? Perhaps Apple’s recent falling figures, or maybe chat about human rights in Asia like one British Photographer wanted to until his $130,000 was outbid.

Image by deerkoski

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