Augmented reality could be a part of the classroom

The use of augmented reality focused products is becoming increasingly popular. Following on from the post last week about the new Nokia app, JobLens, which uses augmented reality to show current vacancies in the users local vicinity, is the possibility of augmented reality in the classroom.

Scientists at Spain’s Universidad Carlos III en Madrid have developed a software system for augmented reality glasses to allow lecturers to see how their students are understanding their class. The lecturer is able to see symbols above students heads, when wearing the glasses,  the symbols are activated by students via their phones, which allow them to indicate whether they are following the professor’s explanations.

The glasses the have been trialled are a pair of Vuzix STAR 1200, but an integration of the ALFs into devices such as Google Glass seems to be a logical next step for the implementation of the technology.

 Image by giuseppe.costantino.

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