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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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At home in…Seattle!

We’ve got exposed brick, funky chairs, enough space to ride a bike around in circles…we’ve got an office in Seattle!

The Catchy team is thrilled to have a new home in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, in the same city as some of our top clients. We’re just a few blocks from the Seattle Aquarium and the Seahawks Stadium at CenturyLink Field, and we’re surrounded by fantastic bars and restaurants. Suffice it to say, our team back in England is very jealous!

So far, we’ve found Seattle to be beautiful, vibrant and full of opportunity (and good sushi!),  and we’re excited about expanding our team in this new, central location.

First things first, we’re going to need some more furniture. But we’re also going to need some new additions to our team! If you’re in the Seattle area, have project management experience and would like to join us in working for excellent, big name clients (Microsoft, Nokia and Amazon to name a few!), get in touch:


 Seattle Skyline image by Michael Righi