ARTIK makes a splash in London

I headed back to London again for the second time last week, for a different kind of event: an intimate 30-person workshop aimed directly at IoT developers hosted by our good friends at Samsung ARTIK.

Dan Gross, Wei Xiao, Shan Hu and Josue Bustos came all the way from the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center in California to give our UK developers an introduction to IoT using the recently launched ARTIK 5 module.

The sold-out workshop received over 150 applications, and even those who weren’t lucky enough to be shortlisted showed up that day hoping to take the spot of a no-show. Unfortunately for them, every registered individual appeared on-time, eagerly waiting to get started with the shiny new ARTIK 5 dev kits that lay before them.

Dan kicked off the workshop with an overview of IoT, including the growth and revenue opportunities that lie ahead. It’s been predicted the market will be worth over $1 trillion by 2020*, so it’s no wonder developers are keen to get a piece of that pie. But, as with anything, IoT has its challenges: scaling, power, compatibility, security (to name a few), all of which Samsung have addressed with their ARTIK modules.

Developers working with the Samsung ARTIK 5 dev kit.

For the main event, participants were given the opportunity to channel their inner child, and were presented with Lego and toy cars. To demonstrate the application of ARTIK, these items along with a sensor were used to create a ‘smart’ parking space, and the mentors guided the developers through five exercises, including how to monitor the state of the parking space, tracking its occupancy, parking violation alerts, subscribing to parking space state changes, and connecting to the ARTIK Cloud.

It worked really well. I mean for a start, who doesn’t love Lego? But a shiny new piece of tech and Lego – it was the perfect combination. The room remained fully captivated throughout all the exercises and successfully got their parking spaces fully functional. Dan and the team made it all look very easy. In fact, so much so that I even felt compelled to give it a go!

Dan wrapped up the day by informing us of the plans for ARTIK, including an API which is expected towards the end of the summer, followed by a short demo of the beta ARTIK IDE. Finishing on a high, the developers were told they were free to take their dev kits home. Sweet!

The excitement surrounding ARTIK amongst the developer community has been significant and witnessing what I saw last week, I can definitely see why. These modules are set to accelerate the growth of IoT, and with the benefits we’re already seeing of this, that is definitely a good thing.

Submitted by Charlotte Dawson

*Source: Harbor Research

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