Are you covered; Personally and Professionally?

The recent spate of Malware hitting the Google Play Market has put security issues back in the limelight.  Fake versions of Angry Birds and Instagram are useful reminders for consumers to exercise common sense and caution to keep their data safe. As consumers are increasingly using mobile to engage socially, personally and professionally, they need to safeguard not only the physical device but also be mindful of its integrity being breached by hackers. Personal data, and the prospect of losing this data, is something we have started to become acutely aware of in recent years. Data protection is a hot topic for all, especially for Corporates and Employers.


Under the guise of professional use, employees are increasingly bridging the gap of personal and professional by using their personal devices within the corporate environment; aptly named BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This has caused a number of issues for Administrators in IT departments. Considering the amount of sensitive information which is passed back and forth on the corporate network, how much of this is accessed by personal devices and what harm could this do to the company? It’s no wonder the powers-that-be have become nervous; with employees having the ability to download potentially virally infested applications, lose their devices outside of the office and the fact that they are more vulnerable to Hacker access than corporate approved devices.


Recently this issue came to blows when a number of companies revealed a Right-to-Wipe policy within their company’s Computer Usage regulations. Employees wishing to use their personal device for professional interaction must agree to the Company’s right to wipe a device that has been deemed to be compromised – whether this is an issue of theft, loss or unauthorised access.


There no longer seems to be the distinction of Personal and Professional device safety but an on-going and overriding need to keep any device virus free, encrypted and protected from unauthorised access by all those concerned.


A number of mobile security applications, software packages and services have become available to help combat this issue. Just having a quick search through any Search Engine will bring up a long list of Apps, Packages and Services available for free or as a Premium service. Here is a list of ‘The Best Mobile Security Apps‘ as given by PCMag.


We are yet to see a service or application fully utilised or adapted to the Corporate environment – Have you considered whether your device is covered?

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