Wearable technology: are we ready for it?

Wearable technology is all new and seems very exciting. But do we really need it? Are they just unnecessary extras which are going to make us lazy?

The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) displayed a huge variety of new technologies. These wearable products range from the practical to the bizarre. From smartwatches which can track your health and fitness to feline-like ears that strap onto your head, measure your brainwaves and move accordingly how you’re feeling. Ideas that we once dreamed of happening are now very real, and seem to hold a lot of promise.


One major breakthrough is the thought of our nurses and doctors using this equipment. Imagine a world where a doctor can simultaneously monitor a patient’s vital signs whilst never having to take their eyes of the procedure. The BBC are now claiming that we are entering the ‘dawn of the smartwatch’. If people with heart problems wear these devices then doctors, and patients can predict things and act early to prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital. Together with the overcrowding of our hospitals today, that can only be seen as a fantastic benefit.


It is not about allowing the population to be lazy, it’s more about giving us the access to information that makes our lives easier and more productive. For example, a man who is fixing your boiler could be wearing a product like Google Glasses. The glasses would be able to show him how to fix the boiler, whilst having both of this hands free to work.

Of course there are the issues of privacy and security concerns, and they do not come cheap. Google Glasses are currently on sale for a whopping £1,000 in the UK. Having said that, on Thursday Google announced that they would be halting the sales of the product, just months after the UK launch. Does this mean that we are simply not ready for this technology, and will we really see the glasses again? I don’t know. I can see its disadvantages, personally I would feel uncomfortable talking to someone who had the glasses on knowing they could be recording and filming every word. But we need to remember, this is a brand new technology which with time has the promise to do great things.


I feel that items like the smartwatch and Google Glasses can definitely play a part in increasing our quality of life, health, and fitness. But they need to und, rgo the right alterations to make the product fit in our world, and the same goes for all the other wearables out there. Wearing this technology has enormous potential in the business world, but I am not convinced it is needed for our general day-to-day life. I also believe that until the prices come down they are an extra that we do not really need, just aspire to have.  I question that once people have bought them, and have got over the initial excitement of the product, will they still want to wear them?


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