Apple’s new iPhone is set to change mobile gaming

Apple’s iPhone 5S has a powerful 64 – bit A7 processor which is a first for a smartphone and a vast improvement on the previous processor. The A7 chip gives the iPhone 5S double the performance of the iPhone 5, with the ability to utilise more than 4GB of RAM as well as providing  users with a better performance and battery life.

A 64-bit processor means the chip can get more performance per watt, so apps and tasks won’t drain the battery as quickly. Makers of the games The Drowning and the Mobage mobile gaming platform,DeNa West‘s CEO Clive Downie believes it will empower game developers that want to make really immersive, high-fidelity games, which will delight consumers.  The two types of apps that benefit most from 64-bit are games and scientific/number-crunching apps says Jonathan Wight, a veteran iOS developer.

Graphically intense games like Infinity Blade III would benefit from this improved processor; while some apps could face memory footprint issues with a 64-bit transition. This would be especially true for apps that haven’t optimised their memory usage as it could impact app speed and the memory remaining for other iPhone apps to use.

Apple has outlined the process of converting an app to 64-bit which includes ways to optimise memory performance; you will need to have an Apple Developer account.  Click here to find out more.

Image by E-Plus Gruppe Fotostream.

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