Apple improves iOS Gaming with new ‘Metal’ Platform

Yesterday, Apple revealed a new technology that will help mobile games run more smoothly on Apple phones and tablets by lowering the graphical processing power they require.  The  Metal API technology will allow games to perform more efficiently than they do with OpenGL.  

Apple are planning to launch the Metal API along with the highly anticipated iOS 8 later this year, and is designed to work with the A7 chips found in the latests iPhones and iPads.  Apple worked closely with top video-game companies such as; Crytek, Unity, Electronic Arts and Epic Games on the Metal project.  Tim Sweeney the Epic Games founder showed a live demo built in Unreal Engine 4 at WWDC,  with Epic promising to make the Metal code in Unreal Engine 4 available to developers some time after the launch of the iOS 8 beta.

It will be interesting to see what other plans Apple have up their sleeves. 

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Image by Mario Hernández – Barcelona


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