App Store Optimisation

App Annie, a mobile app and analytical platform now allows app developers and publishers to better analyse their advertising and App Store Optimisation.

App Store Optimisation (ASO), similar to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is a process of using keywords in metadata to enhance the app’s position in rankings in the App Store.

App Annie analyses any publicly available metadata to identify all possible keywords on a single app.Then for each of these keywords, it looks at its ranking and determines which are the more popular keywords for that particular app.

ASO is increasingly important as each of the app stores fill with more and more applications. According to some data, up to 60% of apps are never even downloaded and 82% of users never scroll past the top 25 apps.  This therefore means that app placement in the store is even more crucial for discovery and use.

App Annie users will now be able to track ad data directly from the app allowing developers to track ad revenue, clicks, installs, impressions and more and see their complete app revenue situation.

These new features to the app are available to all and will be constantly under review and expansion to increase the app’s ability to analyse data.

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Image by Ian Lamont.

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