App of the week: Pic Combo

Pic Combo, from Games for Friends GmbH the creators of Icomania, is a twist on the popular picture puzzler app that keeps finding its way to the top of the app charts. Pic Combo involves a number of puzzles consisting of two pictures, each of which makes up one part of the answer, so in order to solve the puzzle you need to combine the two pictures to work out what the word is.

For example; an image of a brain and waves = brainwave. For every level you complete, you are rewarded with an emergency letter that you can use as a boost when you’re stumped on any particular puzzle. However, as you’d expect there are also clues to help you if you get stuck, including; reveal a letter, remove a letter and ask Facebook.

We found this one (compared to all the other word guessing apps) kept you on your toes the most as it isn’t always easy to guess what is is straight away.

Best of all no registration, instructions or tutorials are needed.

Available on iOS and Android.

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