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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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App of the week: Dots

Dots, developed by Betaworks One, is currently number 2 in the Top Free iPhone apps chart.

‘Dots is a game about connecting dots.’ It really is as simple as that, you are given 60 seconds for each game in which you have to connect as many same-coloured dots as you can. The aim is to make a square with the connected dots in order to erase the entire colour from the board. The more dots you can connect, the more points you’ll rack up. These scores can be improved by power-ups and advanced tools by scoring “dots,” which are also available as in-app purchases. Both of which will put you higher up on the leader board amongst your friends.

Since the app launched (during the first week of May) it has been downloaded 1 million times, has become the number 1 app in 8 countries, and is a top 5 app in 15 other countries.

If you found the connecting game: Bejeweled addictive wait until you’ve tried Dots. Download here.

Image by josh.ev9