App of the week: CARROT

CARROT: The Todo List with a Personality is exactly that, an app with attitude.

If possible, this app makes completing todo lists fun. It is a very easy app to use with two straightforward instructions to follow; pull down to add a task and swipe right to complete it. The idea is that if you complete your tasks you will be rewarded but if you don’t, you will be punished. You work your way up the levels by completing the tasks you have set yourself. The more levels you complete the more features you will be able to unlock, such as; setting reminders or due dates.

The unlockable app upgrades can range from mini-games to a list of your completed tasks to keep you motivated to continue completing your list and with over 300 unique rewards (which depend on CARROT’s mood ranging from joyful to wrathful) it doesn’t become repetitive. And best of all you can get Siri to do your dirty work (level 24) by getting her to ask CARROT to input your tasks.

Our favourite part of this app is that the app icon itself shows how many tasks you still have left to complete, without you even having to open the app.

Available on iOS, take a look.

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