App of the week: App of the Day

AppTurbo‘s App of the Day which is available in 16 different countries with 12 million users, will appeal to anyone who loves a good freebie, or app (who doesn’t?).

If you’re like the rest of us and don’t like spending money on paid apps and would rather wait for an offer to magically appear, App of the Day might just be what you’re looking for. It’s a great new app that offers a different paid app free for 24 hours everyday. And don’t worry the app will remain free even when it has returned to the app store as as a paid app.

If that wasn’t simple enough already, you don’t even have to search the app on a daily basis to see what the app of the day is. Instead you can simply activate the push notifications in your settings.

The app itself has a basic layout with just the one page showing you the current app of the day and the previous apps that have been discounted (and the original price they’ve returned to)  below. Under each app of the day there is a live count down of the remaining time left until the app returns to its full price. There is also a little piggy bank on the top left hand corner which shows you how much money you’ve saved through downloading apps via App of the Day.

If you’re a developer you may even be able to get your app promoted by contacting app.ca@appturbo.net (iOS) or android.app@appturbo.co.uk. Recent apps have included; Angry birds, Calc 2M and My Cartoon.

Available on iOS and Android.

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