App Annie report, Investor Spotlight: Apps & Stocks – More Investment Opportunities Than You Think

App Annie has released a very thorough and interesting report focused on the app market to help investment professionals understand major market opportunities in the app economy.

A few key points from the report:

  • Over one-third of the Top 100 app publishers by gross iOS App Store and Google Play revenue in May 2013 are publicly traded companies with a combined market cap of nearly $1 Trillion.

  • The global app economy is growing rapidly.  Gross revenue for the iOS App Store and Google Play has more than doubled over the past year and increasing smartphone adoption rates suggest this revenue should continue to grow.

  • App stores are a global marketplace, which is reflected by the diversity of publicly traded company headquarters in the Top 100 app publishers by gross revenue.

  • It’s important to monitor app revenue estimates for publicly traded companies that primarily rely on apps for revenue because the viral success of one of their apps could precede a significant increase in their stock price.

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