App Annie releases its third quarter 2013 edition of its Portable Gaming Report

App Annie, in partnership with International Data Corporation (IDC), has released its third quarter 2013 edition of its Portable Gaming Report. Included in the report, are a variety of charts and analysis of the changes seen in smartphone market share, as well as the overall performance of apps by downloads and revenues on mobile devices as they relate to games.

The report demonstrates that games represented 40% of downloads in Google Play and iOS. The share of consumer spending on games in Google Play grew incrementally from 2Q13 to 3Q13, but dipped for iOS.  Android was not too far behind Apple’s popularity as the preferred mobile/handheld gaming device, but iOS generated three times Google Play’s game revenue in the US.  Other results included the finding that Amazon’s Kindle Fire was more popular than Android tablets that use Google Play as a mobile/handheld gaming device in the US

Read the full report here.

Image by ilamont.com.

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