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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Why this survey?

To bring product managers and marketers together to better understand the trends, budgets and challenges of marketing APIs.

How effectively we communicate and engage with the developer community will determine the value of the monumental investments required to launch an API. Product owners and managers, sales professionals and marketing teams are now challenged to understand how to think like a platform. As you know, opening an endpoint does not mean job done. There is a completely new customer experience enabled with a new set of stakeholders: developers.

What’s in the survey? It takes about 5 minutes to respond to a questionnaire that covers:

  • a description of your role and team
  • high-level budgets you get to run your program
  • key operational challenges

With APIs continuing to surge in importance across all industries, spreading API knowledge becomes increasingly important. More APIs equals more competition, meaning that API evangelism, the job of promoting a developer-centric program, now needs its own strategy.

-Bill Doerrfeld, Editor in Chief, Nordic APIs

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