Android infections on the rise

If you’re an Android user, you might want to check you have the latest system version on your device along with some good virus protection. Cheetah Mobile’s 2014 Half Year Security Report is out and it’s looking, well, rather ominous. The report shows that roughly one in every ten Android apps are partially or fully malware. There has been an increase on threats and attacks to Wi-Fi networks, as well as a rise in payment-based viruses.

Before you panic, Europe and the US have much lower rates of infection than Asia and Russia. But it’s still good to be aware, and vigilant in how you get your apps and where you get them from.

Security tips:

-Buy your mobile device from formal channels, no matter how legitimate and cheap the device seems elsewhere.

-Download apps only from Google’s Play store or official Android App stores.

-Make sure you’re using the latest Android system version. Do not ignore those updates; they’re keeping your device ready to ward off the baddies.

-Install an anti-virus app. Yes, your mobile device needs anti-virus too, just like your laptop. Try top-rated Clean Master.

-Use secure 3G or Wi-Fi to go online, especially if you’re going to be making in-app payments.

-Use a PIN to protect your device (And 0000 or 1234 aren’t legit PINS. Don’t even go there.)


Check out the full CM Security report to see more details on mobile device security.


Infographic from Cheetah Mobile.

Main image courtesy of Microbe World


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