Android app revenue for smartphones will almost double its 2012 total

According to ABI ResearchAndroid app revenue will reach $6.8 billion this year. The global app economy for 2013 will reach $25 billion this year, with smartphones accounting for 65% of the total. Apple has a combined 65% share of app revenue across smartphones and tablets.

Senior analyst, Josh Flood, believes that Apple’s iOS revenue significantly exceeds all the other mobile operating systems. Although, with the high number of Android devices in use this could push Android into  the lead in the near future.  Flood said “Android smartphones will ship by a factor of more than three-to-one to iPhones.”

Android is at an advantage thanks to Google owning 70% of global mobile ad revenues. As we mentioned in yesterday’s post, 90% of apps are now free and monetise mostly through advertising.  The release of Apple’s iPhone 5C later this year, could rock predictions of Android app revenue hitting 66% of iOS smartphone revenue in the next 12 months.

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