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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Amazon’s expanding Cloud service

Last week Amazon announced the arrival of AppStream an extension of the Amazon Web Services offering, which is the biggest public cloud service. This now allows developers to tap into the large infrastructure to stream applications, games and render graphics. Thus enabling more computationally intensive applications to run fast on end user devices.

Amazon is offering a more complex service that eliminates the effort of maintaining fleets of virtual machines and storage infrastructure. Bringing out powerful services like this, in addition to the raw compute and storage infrastructure, is one of many Amazon USP’s.  Amazon have also been busy adding to AppStream’s documentation and introducing a software-development kit (SDK) for Apple’s OSX operating system, as well as support for game controllers in client SDKs.

Watch this space as developers try out the new streaming service from Amazon, the practice could become more of a standard, which in turn could boost other companies that stream applications right alongside Amazon.

Check out the full story here.

Image by Will Merydith