Amazon enables users to purchase real goods through mobile apps

Amazon.com is introducing a new feature that will allow users to purchase items within mobile applications. Software developers will be able to create games or other types of apps that sell products from Amazon, either inside the app or by linking to Amazon’s online store. Although consumers have the opportunity to purchase digital products through in-app purchasing, Amazon has previously only tested the sale of physical products through the same channel. Not only does this give Amazon a greater opportunity to sell its products, the company is also offering developers up to 6 percent commission for any sales that are generated.

Days of Wonder Inc., a games company, is said to be introducing a new version of its “Ticket to Ride” mobile app that will let users buy the board game using Amazon’s new initiative. Users will also be able to buy both the physical and digital versions of a game as a single package.

Image by public.resource.org.



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