Amazon adds Docker support to the cloud

Yesterday public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services announced support for open-source technology called Docker on Elastic Beanstalk.

Docker lets developers write applications on their desktops and then sends it for testing or production deployment on another machine — like a public cloud (without changing the code).  Everything sits inside a Docker container, which can be easily moved from one environment to another.

Now it’s possible to run entire applications that sit inside a Docker container on Elastic Beanstalk.  The Docker acts as a new runtime environment for Elastic Beanstalk, joining the existing Node.JS, PHP, Python, .NET, Java, and Ruby environments.

The Docker support could bode well for Amazon Web Services, bringing it up to par with other cloud providers and technology companies that have come around to support Docker, including CenturyLink and DigitalOcean.

Watch this space however, the clear winner appears to be the company who came up with the Docker technology.

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Image by Will Merydith

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