We are Catchy

This is our team and our story.


We were born in London 10 years ago and now live in Seattle. Life hasn't always been easy, but we've had the opportunity to work with great clients all over the world. We've had some of the smartest and most creative people in the marketing industry on our team along the way.


Here's what we believe in:


We start from a position of positive intent
We approach every conversation with a positive attitude. Differences are met with healthy debate and rigorous thinking.

We communicate and have opinions
We talk about our successes and also our failures. We share learnings, discoveries and opinions. It doesn't matter if your opinion is different from everybody else's. The important thing is to have one at all.

We think big and small
We are ambitious, and never settle. Attention to detail separates us from everyone else, and keeps our clients coming back.

We take ownership
We have a bias for action, and never say "that's not my job". We say, "I'll do that".

We keep it simple
We are always looking to improve the way things are done and know that efficiencies can be found everywhere. We question extended processes, embrace change and look for smarter ways to work.

We love our clients
"What would the client want?" is our default position. Sometimes they need us to challenge them. We recognise their differences and respect their needs. The client is almost always right.

We respect time
We do our homework beforehand. We come to meetings prepared and on time. Sometimes we need to leave the office early; other times work has to get done and we stay late. We trust each other to manage the balance.

We are one team
We collaborate and produce work that makes us proud.