85 per cent of people prefer mobile apps to mobile sites

Compuware‘s recent “Mobile Apps: What Consumers Really Need and Want” survey revealed that consumer preference is strongly in favour of apps (85%) ahead of mobile sites. The reason being that consumers find apps more convenient (55%), faster (48%) and easier to navigate (40%), all of which simplify the users access to information on their handheld device.

Over a third (36%) said they expect apps to load at the same speed as websites, while 23% said that the mobile web should be faster to load than an app.

But what if the app’s performance is poor? 48% of people are less likely to use the app again, 34% would switch to a competitor, 31% would tell a friend about the problems, 31% would be less likely to purchase from the company and 26% would leave a negative rating.

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Image by ilamont.com.

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