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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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7 Things you’d never heard of this time last year

A look at stuff that made it into our minds and made it big in 2010.
1. Groupon – nowhere to $6 billion in two years, now thats growth
2. iPad – you may have heard of it but you’d probably never seen one, the iPad was only released in the UK in May.
3. FaceTime – video calling has been around (and not used) for years, now it’s cool.
4. Angry Birds – now a top seller on every platform, first appeared in December 2009.
5. Facebook Places – the Foursquare rival, only hit our UK Facebook profiles in September.
6. Android – bit risky this one, they’ve been around since late 2008, but mainstream? Only in 2010.
7. Google Buzz – came and more or less went in 2010.
Any I’ve missed?
Plus any guesses on some of the things that will be on this list in 2011?

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