20:20 is the new home security system for Android devices

20:20 is a new app on the Android platform that turns your device into a high tech security camera to allow you to keep an eye on what you love the most.

Using an Android smartphone as a security camera enables you to set alarms via motion detection technology, give spoken warnings to intruders, record and store images on the cloud (accessible to you whenever you need them) and detect human movement. The 20:20 can tell the difference between a pet and a human in order to prevent any false alarms occurring.

If you have the app on an everyday tablet or phone you can control all camera settings no matter where you are, you can turn an alarm on or off and it allows you to switch between multiple cameras in multiple locations with your only limitation being the number of smartphones you have.

It’s a security camera, an alarm system and an advanced motion detection system, all in one.

Take a look at the video, or download here.

Image by Todd Huffman.

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