Monthly Archives: October 2014

Catchy Seattle is growing

We are looking for a great Project Manager to help continue the growth of the Seattle office. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with the world’s biggest companies to help them create, manage and grow their developer ecosystems through Developer Acquisition, Evangelist Networks, Incentive Programs and Developer Retention. This role will play a key part in [...]

Establishing an evangelist-led ecosystem

Technological ecosystems are abundant in today’s digital world. They exist around everything you experience from your mobile phone operating system to your smart car, to your connected home. People are interacting with more technology every day and the level of interconnectedness is increasing at an exponential rate. Despite the diversity in connected technologies there’s one [...]

Get your own genius sidekick

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with an artificial intelligence system? We jumped at the chance earlier this week when we went to see IBM’s Watson system in action in Shoreditch. The cognitive computing system—named after IBM's founder—works and thinks much like humans do. Using natural language processing, Watson acts as an augmentation of human [...]

Windows 10 first look

It’s October and here in Seattle the leaves are changing colors, and it looks like Microsoft is right in tune and adjusting to its own seasonal changes within the Windows group.  The Windows operating system is going through a new next generation revision, so get ready, set, and go with Windows 10! There’s been quite [...]

Building a gamification model

“All developers builds apps because their sole objective is to make revenue from download numbers.” Not true. There are different types of developers who each have their own goals and are motivated through different means. For example, ‘Fred’, your hobbyist developer, builds apps in his spare time mostly because he enjoys it and likes to [...]