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No devices at the dinner table

If you're a parent who has become weary of family dinner time being interrupted by your children jumping up for every ping and ringtone, relief is in sight. You guessed it: there's an app for that. A new app called DinnerTime Parental Control allows parents to block children's phones for 30 minutes up to 3 [...]

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Cortana heads to UK and China

Microsoft’s personal voice-assistant app for Windows Phone, called Cortana, is due to arrive in the United Kingdom and China in a matter of weeks. Cortana launched officially in the United States on April 2, 2014 at the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference in San Francisco. The personal digital assistant was originally slated to arrive in the [...]

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At home in…Seattle!

We've got exposed brick, funky chairs, enough space to ride a bike around in circles...we've got an office in Seattle! The Catchy team is thrilled to have a new home in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, in the same city as some of our top clients. We're just a few blocks from the Seattle Aquarium [...]

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Windows Phone welcomes Pinterest

Avid pinners will be happy to know that Pinterest is finally available on Windows Phone, albeit in a beta version. The much-loved picture-sharing app on Windows Phone doesn't have all the features of its iOS and Android counterparts, but isn’t too far behind either. The new Pinterest app has similar functionality as the Pinterest mobile [...]

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Swiftkey Now Free for All Android Users

Popular Android keyboard app Swiftkey dropped their $3.99 price tag today and is now free for all users. The announcement comes after Apple’s revelation at WWDC 2014 that forthcoming iOS 8 includes Apple’s answer to Swiftkey, called QuickType, at no cost to iOS users. Apple also announced that it will open its gates to allow third-party [...]

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Samsung building the next Nook tablet

Samsung announced today, that they will be partnering with Barnes& Noble to develop a new line of Nook-branded tablets.  The major bookseller first announced its intentions to bring on a hardware partner last year after revealing to shareholders that Nook Media sales were in decline. This will mean that Barnes & Noble can focus on the digital media and [...]

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Treehouse teaches coders how to get a job

Treehouse today introduced a new initiative called “code-to-work,” which teaches coders the job skills necessary to steer through the world of software engineering.  The company was launched in November 2011 and offers courses in web design, iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails and PHP.  The Treehouse career resources center offers business courses, interview guidance, job boards, and more.  So if [...]

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Apple improves iOS Gaming with new ‘Metal’ Platform

Yesterday, Apple revealed a new technology that will help mobile games run more smoothly on Apple phones and tablets by lowering the graphical processing power they require.  The  Metal API technology will allow games to perform more efficiently than they do with OpenGL.   Apple are planning to launch the Metal API along with the highly anticipated iOS [...]

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Introducing Samsung’s first Tizen Smartphone

Samsung has some big plans for the Tizen OS, judging by the new Samsung Z smartphone.  The latest device was unveiled on Monday in advance of the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco, with the Samsung Z being heralded as the world's first commercial smartphone to run on Tizen. Tizen is a mobile operating system based [...]

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