Monthly Archives: April 2014

Mozilla launches Firefox 29

Yesterday, Mozilla launched Firefox 29 in a bid to compete with the 5 year market dominance of Google Chrome. One of the most obvious contributing factors to the Firefox decline was the overwhelmingly dusty appearance of Firefox’s default interface.  On both Windows and OS X, Mozilla’s browser looked dated.  With this in mind, the Firefox 29 redesign is [...]

Facebook open-sources Pop

Facebook will host its first developer-oriented conference since its IPO therefore, we can expect a bunch of announcements in the lead up to this event.  The first of these announcements is the open-sourcing of Pop, the animation engine behind its Paper app. Facebook launched Paper about three months ago as a new way for people to [...]

Speculation over the release of a Microsoft ‘mini tablet’

Latest figures show that Microsoft Surface sales took a downturn last quarter, with such a large drop suggesting there may be more behind this than the typical seasonal fluctuations. Microsoft reported that revenue from the Surface was nearly cut in half, declining from $893 million to about $500 million.  By comparison, Apple's iPad revenue only declined by 33% over the [...]

Samsung Tablets Overtake Kindle Fire

New figures reveal that Samsung are selling a lot of tablets in the United States and Canada.  Samsung products were the most popular type of Android tablet that Americans and Canadians used to surf the web, beating Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets for the first time. As ever, Apple's iPad was the dominant tablet, accounting for 77.2% of web surfing on tablets [...]

Amazon adds Docker support to the cloud

Yesterday public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services announced support for open-source technology called Docker on Elastic Beanstalk. Docker lets developers write applications on their desktops and then sends it for testing or production deployment on another machine — like a public cloud (without changing the code).  Everything sits inside a Docker container, which can be [...]

Electric Cloud continues to power automated software iteration

Software companies are facing increasing competition, which has resulted in a need to iterate on their products quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruptions.  Electric Cloud has been helping them do that for over a decade, with the company announcing that it has secured $12 million in funding as it continues to grow its software production business. [...]

Web hosting firm spends $45M on upgrades

Linode, a company that hosts websites for companies and individual developers, has just paid out $45 million, to upgrade its data centre hardware.  With the view to help it compete with younger upstarts. Linode does not want to see business slide away to hosting competitors or to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, which offer [...]

Google’s Project Tango gets a teardown

The hotly anticipated Google Project Tango prototype smartphone comes with four cameras to allow it to take stock of its environment, record and use 3D depth-sensing info.  This impressive Android smartphone aimed at Developers, also boasts a quad-core processor and 2GBs of RAM to crunch all that environment data.  iFixit carried out a bit of reverse engineering on [...]