Monthly Archives: December 2013

GameSalad aims to entice developers to make games for Samsung’s new Tizen OS

Samsung's Tizen isn’t officially out yet, but that’s not stopping Samsung and Intel from enlisting the help of GameSalad to boost the number of games in its app store. GameSalad, the company responsible for visual game-creation tools, is running an incentive program to encourage developers to release apps on the new OS. Over 700,000 developers use the GameSalad [...]

Windows Phone 8.1 brings popular Android and iOS features in its latest scheduled update

Windows Phone 8.1, set for a public reveal at Microsoft’s Build conference in April, brings two iOS and Android standards to Windows Phone, including a Notification Center and a smart personal assistant. Sources familiar with the unreleased update for Microsoft’s mobile operating system have said that the 8.1 update will see a Siri-style personal assistant introduced, [...]

Microsoft schedules BUILD 2014

Microsoft is returning to San Francisco next year to host its BUILD developer conference. Microsoft will host its developer event on April 2nd through to the 4th, according to a brief posting on its site. Developers will be able to register for the event on January 14th at 12PM ET, and Microsoft is likely to [...]

New Nokia Lumia tablet and phone leaked

Nokia’s first Windows Phone tablet, the Lumia 2520, has been on the market for a matter of months, and it seems like the company’s second Lumia slate won’t be far behind. Details of two as-yet-unannounced Nokia Lumia devices have leaked out via, a site that carries information on items being shipped in and out of India. [...]

App Annie releases its third quarter 2013 edition of its Portable Gaming Report

App Annie, in partnership with International Data Corporation (IDC), has released its third quarter 2013 edition of its Portable Gaming Report. Included in the report, are a variety of charts and analysis of the changes seen in smartphone market share, as well as the overall performance of apps by downloads and revenues on mobile devices as [...]

Microsoft’s ‘Threshold’ initiative will further unify Windows

After bringing the Windows core to Windows Phone and the Xbox One, Microsoft is planning further integration between all of its platforms in a few years, codename “Threshold.” Microsoft’s operating system head Terry Myerson recently referred to the Threshold codename in an internal e-mail, regarding his plans for a new unified OS engineering group. Threshold [...]

Google launches Chrome DevTools for Mobile

Google announced an update to Chrome 32 beta for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android that adds a new feature: Chrome DevTools for Mobile.  The new addition lets developers build and debug mobile Web apps through an improved viewport emulation and zero-configuration, screencast-enabled remote debugging. You can test your app’s performance on a device, with the newly-added support for native [...]

1.1% of Android device share claimed by KitKat just a month after launch

KitKat is the latest edition to the Android platform, having only been released last month, it's already faring quite well. Google's latest OS dashboard reveals that 1.1% of active Android devices are running the new platform. KitKats arrival is not slowing down Jelly Bean's growth. The older software now represents 54.5% of all Android use, thanks in part [...]