Monthly Archives: November 2013

Google’s App Translation Service simplifies localising apps

Google recently launched the App Translation Service, first previewed to Android developers at its Google I/O 2013 conference,  The service lets developers browse a list of third-party vendors pre-qualified by Google to offer high-quality translation at competitive prices. The service is integrated straight into the Google Play Developer Console, at the bottom of the APK section. Developers simply need to [...]

Spark, the new Chrome-based development environment by Google

Google is building a Chrome-based development environment, called Spark. The IDE would function as a Chrome app on a Chromebook and would enable developers to build apps for Chrome faster and easier than they can currently. Spark has a public GitHub repository where Google is building the app. Google engineers are using Dart, a new language for scalable web app engineering. [...]

Firefox phone now has exclusive apps and global growth

Firefox OS, the web-based mobile operating system from Mozilla, is making progress toward getting its robust app ecosystem up and running.  Mozilla shares just how quick the platform is growing in a recent blog post. It’s been just a few months since the Firefox Marketplace opened with the first Firefox OS launch, but it has seen significant momentum with thousands [...]

Twitter Card support helps mobile developers without a web presence, is an open initiative, encouraging app developers to embrace deep linking by linking directly to content inside an application from anywhere on the web or mobile. It is now rolling out support for Twitter Cards; which means app developers who don’t currently have a web presence are now able to take advantage of Twitter by pointing users to [...]

Distimo has launched the first free and open API for app store data

The Distimo API gives anyone access to downloads, app sales revenue, in-app revenue, ranking, and reviews for every major app store worldwide. All the data can be sorted by day, week, month or quarter, from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Marketplace, Samsung Apps, the Apple Mac Store, the Windows Store, Blackberry World, and Nokia Ovi Store. It provides competitive intelligence that [...]

Android 4.4 KitKat targets Google’s next billion users

Google has announced details of its highly anticipated Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. KitKat is designed to put Google “smarts” across the entire mobile experience, to build for what comes next in mobile devices and to reach the next billion Android users. The Android market is growing three times faster in developing countries, but the phones that are catching on [...]