Monthly Archives: August 2013

Android app revenue for smartphones will almost double its 2012 total

According to ABI Research, Android app revenue will reach $6.8 billion this year. The global app economy for 2013 will reach $25 billion this year, with smartphones accounting for 65% of the total. Apple has a combined 65% share of app revenue across smartphones and tablets. Senior analyst, Josh Flood, believes that Apple’s iOS revenue significantly exceeds all the other mobile operating systems. Although, [...]

Amazon enables users to purchase real goods through mobile apps is introducing a new feature that will allow users to purchase items within mobile applications. Software developers will be able to create games or other types of apps that sell products from Amazon, either inside the app or by linking to Amazon’s online store. Although consumers have the opportunity to purchase digital products through in-app purchasing, [...]

Facebook forces developers to ask for permission to post back to Facebook

Third party Facebook apps can annoy users by posting information back to Facebook without them knowing when and how. So, Facebook has clamped down and the company is now making developers be clearer about asking permission to post through a new log in. Facebook apps will have to ask for permission to access a user’s data; and developers [...]

Nextpeer is coming to Android after gaining 10 million monthly actives on iOS

Israeli startup, Nextpeer, intends to make every mobile game multiplayer enabled. The company's SDK allows players to compete directly against friends or random players in tournaments, which boosts player retention by competing for high scores. The SDK integration is said to take a few hours of work and it manages push notifications, Facebook challenges, analytics and [...]

Developers enjoy revenue boost thanks to Amazon’s virtual money

After three months of Amazon launching Amazon Coins, weekly revenue has increased by 50% for almost half the developers who monetised their Amazon apps using Coins. Customers have already spent hundreds of millions of Amazon Coins, which represent real dollars to developers, who receive a 70% revenue share. Amazon Coins were introduced in order for developers to [...]