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Hashtags; the new social currency

These days you can find a hashtag pretty much anywhere. They no longer exist solely on microblogging sites. Hashtags are making their way onto Facebook, print adverts, radio stations, TV programmes, films and various other media outlets. This is due to the increasing desire of a brand or individual to spark a conversation online. In [...]

Hashtags; the new social currency 2012-09-26T11:25:50+00:00

Did Apple Just Blink, again?

Yesterday afternoon the mobile world briefly stopped turning, the internet, bloggers, twittersphere and other social media outlets braced themselves to be enlightened, enthralled and delighted by iPhone 5. In Korea, Finland and parts of the US, the boardrooms of other mobile handset manufacturers will have held their collective breath. And what did we get? A [...]

Did Apple Just Blink, again? 2012-09-13T13:32:28+00:00

How hard is it to charge a phone?

Surely it can’t be that difficult to make a one size fits all charger.  To have just one way of getting at the electricity lurking in the wall to replenish your mobile’s phone battery. Imagine docking stations compatible with every device in restaurants, offices, hotels and planes – that’s a mobile experience unhindered by plugs [...]

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