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Back to school

The summer break is almost over.  The kids will soon be back at school.  Will they be taking mobiles back in with them?  This generation is the first to have been born into the anytime, anyplace anywhere mobile communications culture but schools are struggling to acknowledge let alone deal with this seismic shift in society. [...]

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Rumours are circling that Nikon will incorporate Instagram - into their new line of Coolpix Point and shoot cameras.  It will reportedly work on an Android powered camera and it will apparently connect directly to the Google Play market to download apps that will run on the camera. Instagram is a fast and fun way [...]

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What’s left after August 2012?

Aah the Olympics.  What a great spectacle it has been.  Touted as the first truly digital games  - twitter has been set a-dancing, apps have been downloaded and the Games have been enjoyed on a myriad of different devices.  And now it’s all over (or at least paused until the start of the Paralympics) – [...]

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