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Qwiki – Great Digital Curation

  Curation is one of the hot words of the web right now. And here's a really nice example. Qwiki appears to to have a lot of content and despite the rather annoying voice over is pleasant and easy to use. We like it.    

Qwiki – Great Digital Curation 2011-03-29T11:00:43+00:00

iPad 2 stuff you may have missed

There were a few choice pieces of information in Steve Jobs iPad 2 launch speech which may have got lost in the noise about the device itself. Firstly Apple has now passed the $2 Billion dollar payout mark to Developers. Secondly Jobs claimed that there are already more than 65,000 native apps for iPad and [...]

iPad 2 stuff you may have missed 2011-03-08T17:09:57+00:00

Android Under Attack

Android devices have been suffering from attacks by malware, it was widely reported last week that Google had to remove a number of apps from the Android Market after they were found to be infected with a 'powerful zombie agent' - Droidware. It looks like the security guys are hitting back. Security experts decipher [...]

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