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Google get tough with App Developers

Last Friday, Google announced some tweaks to the Google Play policies, with the view to tighten up on sexually explicit content, app promotions and potentially deceptive in-app advertisements.  Developers have  just 15 days to make these changes, with the threat of non-compliant apps being removed from the store.

Focus is… Read More



Spotify halts new app submissions

Spotify announced yesterday, that their third-party app program is all over in the current guise.

The music service are looking to improve on the API launched back in 2011, which allowed developers to build their own applications that used Spotify’s vast music library e.g SoundDrop.  This worked well from a music-service-innovation perspective because most startups… Read More



Less than a week until the Cloud Gaming Summit

[box] Date: 26th and 27th March

Location: 89 Mile End Road, Whitechapel, E1 4TT, London[/box]

In association with Microsoft, Ukie has organised a free two-day event which is exclusively designed for game developers and comprises of an Industry Briefing and a Developer Day. The days will be packed with industry… Read More



Amazon's expanding Cloud service

Last week Amazon announced the arrival of AppStream an extension of the Amazon Web Services offering, which is the biggest public cloud service. This now allows developers to tap into the large infrastructure to stream applications, games and render graphics. Thus enabling more computationally intensive applications to run fast on end user… Read More



Nokia X - Go! Port in London

The Nokia porting bus is in London on Friday 28 March 2014 for one day only (11:00-18:00 GMT)!  As a bonus, Nokia will be rewarding you with DVLUP points if you port your apps.  DVLUP is the Nokia developer reward program so theRead More



DVLUP Day Chicago is live!

Following on from our post earlier this week, we are excited to announce the Chicago DVLUP Day registration page is now open.

Register here.

Join Nokia Developer Ambassadors as they provide hands-on Windows Phone development training.  This is a great opportunity for all aspiring Windows Phone developers looking… Read More



Continued growth for Mobile Messenger Apps

The global mobile messaging space has long been a high-growth and value space, with mobile messaging becoming second nature to billions.  There has been a large take-up in the developing world where it is the primary form of electronic communication.

The recent WhatsApp deal demonstrates the importance of connectivity by… Read More



Check out upcoming DVLUP Day events

Join Nokia Developer Ambassadors as they provide hands-on Windows Phone development training.  This is a great opportunity for all aspiring Windows Phone developers looking to start developing apps.  You’ll learn faster when there are experienced developers helping you out in person.

Nokia are holding 4 DVLUP Day events this year in various locations:… Read More



Google developing SDK for wearable devices

In yesterday’s breaking news, Google has announced it will release an Android software-development kit (SDK)  for wearable devices in two weeks time.  With the view to make it easier for lots of wearables to run on the Android operating system.

Google has already turned out the Glass wearable device however, there… Read More



Nokia developer day at MWC

Nokia held a developer day yesterday at MWC, it was a great opportunity for developers and non-developers to find out more about Nokia’s latest news.

The day opened with an executive keynote session where the release of the Nokia X software platform was a hot topic. The Nokia… Read More



Nokia unveils the Nokia X Android Phone

At last, the long-rumoured Nokia X was announced this morning at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and is the first of many Android products from Nokia set to be released.  This gateway into the Android world has already been lauded as one of the best things that Nokia could bring… Read More



E-commerce is now the best mobile monetization strategy

A recent Visionmobile survey has highlighted that for large numbers of app developers e-commerce is fast becoming the most lucrative mobile monetization strategy.

Visionmobile found that for app developers who do not have massive viral hits, e-commerce is the clear winner, despite only 8% of app developers currently using it.… Read More



Github discounts for student developers

GitHub is the largest code host with over 10.9 million repositories.  It recently announced via a blog post that a new service called GitHub Education will support students as they pick up computer science skills.

According to GitHub’s education liaison, John Britton, it will now offer free “micro” accounts for students and… Read More