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Catchy is recruiting for copywriters

The Copywriter is responsible for writing online copy for a leading multinational mobile platform. You will be working for Catchy, and dedicated to one of our biggest global accounts.

The role involves writing and translating competitions, challenges and activities in [Japanese/Mandarin/Russian] for our client’s developer community as part of a… Read More




Catchy gets connected at CES

The home or car of the future have long been staples in the imagination of people everywhere. Visions of a simpler, healthier, more automated and efficient lifestyle have been portrayed in print, animated cartoons and even full length documentaries for decades. At the time they are made the predictions are… Read More




AT&T Dev Summit Hackathon - a developer event done well

Developer events are always exciting. There are typically great product announcements, fantastic food and entertainment as well as opportunities to network with long time associates and new friends alike. The 2015 AT&T Developer Summit did not disappoint in any of those areas.

Ralph De La Vega, President and CEO of… Read More




IBM’s Bluemix Girls Night - Empowering women in tech

It’s not very often you see an event dedicated to women in the technology industry, or in particular, targeted at female developers. So when I saw an email advertising the Bluemix Girls Night event in London, it instantly caught my eye.

Bluemix, if you don’t already know, is an… Read More




API Days - Sold Out

‘Sold Out’ is occasionally misused. Event organisers, keen to publicise the popularity of their event or more likely afraid to admit the opposite, quote an event as being Sold Out when in fact it is far from so.

API Days in Paris was Sold Out, I mean really sold out,… Read More




You’re not where you think you are

Signposting is an integral part of everyday life.  Whether it’s a train station, festival, or town centre, we accept that being told where to go is a key part of creating a functional, positive space. People look for and need direction, and in the absence of strong signposting, they will… Read More




Our view of the Samsung Developer Conference

There are a select few names that immediately come to mind when you talk about mobile devices. One of those names is Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy line has been dominating the Android space for several years. After years of electronic devices getting smaller, Samsung can be rightly credited with the… Read More




The future, decoded

Catchy joined a host of technology partners, start ups, and Microsoft employees at the Get Started @ Future Decoded day on 12 November, 2014.

The event was well-attended, with the full range of Microsoft products and technologies available to get our hands on and have a play with. The event… Read More




Tap into 25M business travelers and 20K companies worldwide

You’ve heard it said that “getting there is half the fun” with regard to traveling anywhere. All too often though, getting there is fraught with obstacles and challenges that must be overcome, and those are anything but fun. There was a time when all you could do is look for… Read More




Catchy Seattle is growing

We are looking for a great Project Manager to help continue the growth of the Seattle office. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with the world’s biggest companies to help them create, manage and grow their developer ecosystems through Developer Acquisition, Evangelist Networks, Incentive Programs and Developer Retention.

This role will… Read More




Building a developer program from the ground up

Catchy often works with some of the biggest names in tech to enhance, support, and optimize existing developer programs. Recently though, we had the opportunity to map one out from scratch.

Our start point was to examine what the landscape for developer programs looks like. Well, it very much depends… Read More




Establishing an evangelist-led ecosystem

Technological ecosystems are abundant in today’s digital world. They exist around everything you experience from your mobile phone operating system to your smart car, to your connected home. People are interacting with more technology every day and the level of interconnectedness is increasing at an exponential rate. Despite the diversity… Read More




Get your own genius sidekick

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with an artificial intelligence system? We jumped at the chance earlier this week when we went to see IBM’s Watson system in action in Shoreditch.

The cognitive computing system—named after IBM’s founder—works and thinks much like humans do. Using natural language processing, Watson… Read More




Announcing AdDuplex Developer Advocates

Every developer has heard about how and why they should monetize their apps. Developer conferences of every variety have sessions dedicated to the various ways to earn revenue from your personal digital creations. There’s only one problem with all of that. In order to make any revenue at all, people… Read More




Windows 10 first look

It’s October and here in Seattle the leaves are changing colors, and it looks like Microsoft is right in tune and adjusting to its own seasonal changes within the Windows group.  The Windows operating system is going through a new next generation revision, so get ready, set, and go with… Read More




Building a gamification model

“All developers builds apps because their sole objective is to make revenue from download numbers.”

Not true.

There are different types of developers who each have their own goals and are motivated through different means.

For example, ‘Fred’, your hobbyist developer, builds apps in his spare time mostly because he… Read More




The Perfect Trip Devcon 2014

Developers, have you ever thought you had the perfect application idea but just needed to get it in front of the right people to help you make it a reality? Of course you have! Now you have the opportunity to do just that with The Perfect Trip Fund Awards Contest… Read More




Our review of the iPhone 6

It appears Apple has done it again with its new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models. Sales through the first weekend of availability topped 10 million according to the tech giant. That record smashed Apple’s previous number of 9 million units when the iPhone 5s and 5c were released.… Read More



APIcon London

Tom was in London for API Con this week – a conference aimed both at app developers and public API providers. A quick show-of-hands at the conference opening indicated that the audience was fairly evenly split between the two categories.

Andrew Seward of Esendex led an illuminating session… Read More