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We're Hiring - Developer Marketing Project Manager - Seattle

Catchy is a Business to Developer Lifecycle Program Management Agency.  We are thought leaders and work with some of the world’s biggest and most cutting edge companies to help create, manage and grow their developer ecosystems including Developer Acquisition, Evangelist Networks, Incentive Programs and Developer Retention.

This role spans across… Read More




Developer Bank

Catchy works with global players in the developer ecosystem space, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Qualcomm. 

Our clients want to talk to new and exciting developers, on email and over the phone. To help them do this, we manage a bank of developers who are willing to share ideas, complete surveys,… Read More




The evolution of emoji and our digital communication

Wouldn’t it be nice if your emoji actually looked like you? Up until just last week, if you wanted to add cute smiling faces (or frowny faces) to your mobile messages, you were limited to little characters who generally speaking only looked like a small portion of the world’s overall… Read More




Feel the burn: Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is hot

When it comes to rolling out new ideas and products, Amazon is simply crushing it. The pace of innovation, new product releases and updates coming from Amazon is blazing fast.

Last week they announced access to unlimited file and photo storage via the Amazon Cloud Drive service. According to Read More




Evan’s Data Conference: Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)

“Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple”– C.W. Ceran

As one immerses into the world of developers, it is quite easy for things to get extremely complicated, very quickly. Working with technology does not mean the communication and tools surrounding need to be caught up in… Read More




On the ground battle at GDC – Unity vs Unreal

My first visit to GDC was an eye opening experience.  Enthusiasm, smarts, hope and dedication was everywhere.  So was the battle for mindshare.  And for much of the crowd, that battle was fought in which game engine platform is best – Unity or Unreal.  (Of course they were fighting for… Read More




GDC 2015: Our highlights

Game Developer Conference 2015 proved to be a great week of meetings and entertainment for the Catchy team. Never a dull moment with the gaming community, here’s a snapshot of the hits for the week:

The VR landscape has intensified with the surprising major announcement week prior at MWC 2015 of… Read More




Lego First

MWC in Barcelona last week was awash with Lego. Several booths from some of the biggest brands at the show used the plastic building bricks to illustrate use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything if you’re Qualcomm or Cisco.

Build a Lego car, make it… Read More




To internet or not to internet...?

I confess, I hadn’t intended to go to the Fujitsu speaker sessions at MWC yesterday. But by late on Day 2, I had a serious case of stand fatigue and the opportunity to sit quietly and listen to experts in their field talk passionately about their interests was too good… Read More




What's next? Big questions asked at MWC

MWC is as thrilling as ever this year.  The people, the gadgets, the stands are all as colourful and interesting as you would expect and hope.

A big theme through much of Hall 3 – the home of some of the biggest names in the industry including Microsoft, Qualcomm, Intel,… Read More




Internet of Things: A Simple Approach to Complex Technology

I was surfing the internet a few months ago when I noticed a trend. Everything I seemed to be reading about kept referencing the Internet of Things (IoT). I’ve obviously heard the term before, but like a lot of things- I don’t tend to pay much attention till it hits… Read More